Rosa's Hospice Healthcare Network

Welcome to Hospice Healthcare Network

Hospice Healthcare Network is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid certified hospice service, providing a special kind of care for terminally ill people which provides comfort to the patient and support to their family and caregivers. Services are covered under Medicare Part A when a physician certifies that the person has a terminal diagnosis with a life expectancy of six months or less. Our highly skilled professional staff is dedicated to protecting the dignity of the patient and their families. Hospice Healthcare Network provides a multidisciplinary hospice team that works with the patient and family to assure the best possible care in the patient’s home, or inpatient facility with the expense of hospice paid by Medicare/Medicaid. Many insurance companies will cover Hospice also. Hospice Healthcare Network serves terminally ill patients with a wide range of diagnosis. We offer care and support to all patients and their families. Hospice Healthcare Network focuses on enhancing a patient's comfort and overall quality of life. Each patient is served by dedicated professionals who are guided by their wishes and decisions.